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SteaWe do more than just cook. We offer gourmet dishes that we carefully prepare for our guests. We can literally stay in the pool area, read our favorite books, while munching on our favorite meals.

Our best sellers in the restaurant includes our Pizza, Pasta, our Filipino Favorites Selection, Salpicao, Gambas, and Primus Club Sandwich. We regularly review our menu, and replace with new creations, all the while keeping our favorite dishes.

We only use the best ingredients available sourced in and out of Naga, all the way from Metro Manila, and for our truly scrumptious dishes, we order them from reputable suppliers overseas.

Most of the guests looking for a quiet and relaxing venue to eat with family enjoy the dishes we prepare for them. Both the Caffe, and the Restaurant can provide two distinct environments under one roof.

Whether it’s a casual dinner, or small celebrations to bigger events, we’re proud of the quality of food we serve to our guests. We put the same amount of attention to the meals we serve our guests from intimidate dinners, family gatherings, meetings or conferences, and banquets.

Considering that we are a few kilometers away from the city center of Naga, we do our best to make the travel worth it for our guests. It’s not easy taking 15 minutes of your time to travel to a restaurant on a regular basis, so we make sure that their time do not go to waste. Although there is public transport available, it is not convenient for most of our clients.

In certain cases we offer free shuttle service to and from the hotel to make sure that we have our meals readily available to the families of Naga City.


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