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Events Venues in Naga City is not hard to come by. The City is home to many choices from your classic ballrooms to outdoor venues like the pools, and gardens. Whether you are celebrating a lifestyle milestone, or corporate events, you are spoiled for choice in Naga City. With the arrival of Primus Hotel, we add to those choices by offering multiple venues mostly focusing on the outdoor selection, which in our current situation, couldn’t have come at a perfect time.

We offer a great range of packages from your basic venue only rentals, to full on options that include rooms, meals, decorations, and other services to support you and your event. Here’s our selection of packages:

If you think that none of these suit your need, no need to worry. These packages were developed as a guideline than a complete be all end all. This should get one foot on the door to allow us to help you plan your dream event. Our Sales Executives would be more than happy to draft a package specifically for you.

In this brief post, we will share with you the selections that Primus Hotel & Resort:

The Primavera Garden is one of Primus Hotel’s newest venue. It can sit 300 guests and has both an indoor and outdoor area. It has a great view of Mt. Isarog and is perfect for outdoor weddings, debut, or casual celebrations. It’s also perfect for concerts, or performances as it has a built in stage.

Primavera Garden was designed with space and outdoor luxury in mind. The Garden was painstakingly landscaped by our very own Primus Team, with home grown plants and flowers. The Venue has 3 pavilions, where each on can fit around 20-30 guests, not including filling in the rest of the venue. It has it’s dedicated restroom, and a water fountain. The venue gives an experience that only Primus Hotel can provide. If you are looking for one of the best outdoor venues in Naga City, we suggest you visit the garden to experience it for yourself.

One of the first Venues made available to the public was the Peñafrancia Grand Ballroom. It accommodates upwards of 300 guests, and is perfect for your traditional indoor venue.
With a ceiling and wide space, it’s perfect for large events like weddings, debuts, birthday parties, and other milestones. It can also be used as a conference area as the venue has its own stage, and backdrop providing a perfect area for speakers and other presentations. It can also hold concerts, or performances if you want to hold an event. You can use the ballroom as venue only, or with packages that include decorations, food, and/or rooms.

There’s no party like a pool party. It’s fun and classic at the same time. The pool area can be transformed to your dream event. It adapts perfectly well to formal, casual, or corporate gatherings.

The venue includes a wide area where up to 150 guests can be seated, and a stage for performances, or the star of the event. It also comes with a kiddie pool attached to the main pool so both kids and adults and safely enjoy, without much worry. However, we still highly recommend the kids are always supervised for their safety.
The pool also has it’s own set of comfort rooms exclusive to its users. Should the pool celebration actually involve swimming, there are shower rooms readily available.
One of the relaxing features of the pool is its view. It overlooks the Primavera Garden, and when she feels like showing herself, you get a great view of Mount Isarog as well. With almost zero noise or air pollution, it really sets up the atmosphere for a relaxing setting.

The pool area is one of the most versatile venues that Primus Hotel has to offer, and it definitely should be on your checklist when visiting venues for your event, in Naga City.

Events Venue – Terrazza Verde

The biggest venue for both indoor and outdoor events is Terrazza Verde. A 2,000sqm, beautifully landscaped garden with a Conservatory, Colosseum, it’s own provisioning for a kitchen, dedicated restroom, Grand garden entrance, and it’s soon to be, own rooms overlooking the garden, the hotel, and Mt. Isarog.

The garden as a whole, can accommodate upwards of 500 guests. Dreaming of a grand entrance for your wedding? What about dining in a colosseum overlooking your guests? Plan to have a famous performer to highlight the event? Imagine decorating the pathway to the colosseum with your favorite flowers, beautiful linens, and a pathway more than 50 meters long. Special events like weddings truly deserve a one of a kind experience. And we’re proud to say that at Primus Hotel, we turn once in a lifetime event, into unforgettable, and beautiful memories that you can replay over and over again.


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