Great News! Primus Hotel in Naga City Expands to 4 OTA’s!


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Primus Hotel in Naga City expands to online travel agencies

It’s been a long time coming but Primus Hotel in Naga City has finally opened it’s doors to online booking sites! With this, it gives our customers confidence in their bookings, specially those to new to Primus Hotel.

We’ve currently partnered with 4 online booking sites and will expand further as we continue to develop our online strategies. The benefits of online travel agencies (OTA) are very much obvious.

You can book and search for our hotels in the following sites; – on of the world’s largest OTA’s. offers guests great deals with most hotels in Naga City. We’re excited to be a part of their platform. Booking offers flights and hotel accommodations.
Traveloka – Traveloka is also one of the biggest and most trusted OTA’s in the world. Apart from room accommodations, they also flights from various airlines globally. They have airline booking too.

agoda – Similar to the first two mentioned, what immediately sets agoda apart from the others is their “long stay” options, and their apartment type rentals. Agoda offers both flight, and hotel bookings as well.
Klook – One of the things we love about klook is its versatile services that it offers. They have car rentals and restaurant booking, along with the Flight and Room Accommodation. This is your one stop shop in online travel booking.

And lastly! Traveloka! Enjoy an additional 5% discount when you show your review at Tripadvisor. Now we know Traveloka is not an OTA. You can consider it as a support app for the other agencies. Nevertheless, Tripadvisor basically consolidates all OTA’s and provides a wider scope when choosing where to stay, or dine.

If you’re headed to Primus soon, don’t forget to leave a review so you can avail the additional discount. It can be used on top of existing discounts, and promos.

Review Primus Hotel in Tripadvisor here.

You can also book directly at our website for the best deals, here.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at Primus Hotel SOON!


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