2 Hidden Restaurants in Naga City; and it offers great value.


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Hidden Restaurants in Naga City.

There are Hidden Restaurants in Naga City that sits almost at the edge of the border. Located inside Primus Hotel & Resort, both Caffe Primo, and Don Jaime Ristorante serves gourmet and fine dining dishes at your request. What sets this restaurant apart is that almost the entire hotel can be your venue. Fancy eating by the pool side? We’d be more than happy to oblige. What about in the garden with the view of Mt. Isarog? Seeking for an isolated, outdoor meal for a romantic date? Yes, we can accommodate. Granted that some of these have terms, and conditions, not a lot of hotels in the country offer a similar type of service.

So why would we consider it hidden? Well.. it just so happens that it’s roughly around 20km outside the city center. It can be accessed by public transport, but it requires an itty bit of walking. There’s very little buildings in the surroundings, if any at all. It takes about 15-20minutes to get to the restaurant if traveling by car or motorcycle. It sits right on the foot of the mountain. So if you fancy an intown – out of town experience, you can find us just being a few minutes away. As a matter of fact, a lot of hidden pop-up restaurants and caffe’s have emerged recently, which is a good thing. It adds to the character of both barangays (Pacol, and Carolina).

Without further ado, lets get straight to what these restaurants have to offer;

Caffe Primo and Don Jaime at a glance.

Caffe Primo

Caffe Primo is an Italian inspired Caffe in Primus Hotel. It offers a wide range of coffee products, both hot and cold, and pastries to pair them with. Caffe Primo also serves pastas, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. The main allure of the Caffe is it’s alfresco dining, where you can request to be seated by the pool, the garden, or at the Loggia. At times like these, having an area that keeps your guests safe is a plus. You can view the full menu, here.

Don Jaime Ristorante

The restaurant positions itself to provide casual and fine dining options. It has a wide selection of dishes from Filipino favorites to western and Italian specialties. The allure of the restaurant is the option to use its venue for a more intimate setting with family, friends, or for couples. Our personal favorite is the Tomahawk steak which serves up to 6 guests. You can view the full menu here.

With that being said, there’s a whole lot of restaurants in Naga City that offer their own unique twist. Tourists and locals alike are surely spoiled for choice. However, if you’re looking for a place for relaxation, miles away from the city, but still close enough to not waste time in travel, give Caffe Primo, and DJR a try.

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