The Arena Activity Center – Primus Hotel Naga City’s one of a kind Activity Area


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The Arena at Primus Hotel-Things to do when in Primus

The Arena is one of Primus Hotel’s facility that offers unique activities for all of the hotels guests. What exactly can you do in the Arena? Let us take you to a quick walkthrough of the facility.

Note: FREE USE of Arcade Machine, and Darts for all paying guests.

  1. Airsoft Gaming

The arena sits on roughly 2000 sqm of land. The ideal scenario is a 5v5 or a group of 10. Each team will be provided with a rifle, vest, mask, and a fully loaded magazine with about 300 pellets. The most common scenario is a team elimination match where the goal is to eliminate the opposing team members before yours. It’s as simple as that.

Additionally, the Arena also offers drinks, and snacks for those who would like to relax after a game. A night, it completely turns into something different. Night games are much more challenging, and can often lead to friendly fire. With minimal lighting, and a bonfire, your skills are put to the test when playing. Even veterans find it much more rewarding to play at night because of the added difficulty.

Additionally, the arena can also be rented privately for events. With it’s rugged feel, and urban setting, it’s perfect for interactive events such as family outing, corporate team buildings, and more.

You can order straight from the Hotel to be delivered to the Arena directly. You can check the menu here.

To get updates on promos, or to reserve your slots, you can view and message the Arena Facebook account. The Arena at Primus Hotel Naga City.

Book your slots, and see you at the Arena Soon!


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