The Arena at Primus Hotel

Inclusions are AEG Rifle, 300 Rounds, Mask, Vest, and use of venue for 4hours.


The Arena at Primus Hotel


The Arena at Primus Hotel is an activity area designed for casual airsoft gaming. With over 2000 sqm of space, bases and obstacles were put in various locations to create hiding spots from your opponents. The Arena offers rentals for both equipment and venue only. Rental equipment includes all basic safety gear, your rifle, and your initial 300 rounds of a magazine.

In addition to an airsoft venue, The Arena at Primus Hotel also has a basketball court ideal for casual 3v3 games.

The Arena at Primus Hotel is a constantly evolving venue where more activities will be opened up in the future. We are open daily from 8 AM to 5 PM. You may contact us for more details.

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