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Primus Hotel was designed to have relaxation for the family in mind. Specially to those who reside in the Naga City Center, it provides a quick getaway from the busy life in the city. But don’t let the 10km drive fool you, the Hotel rests at the foot of Mount Isarog, where the city ends, and nature begins.

Naga City, especially during its rush hours, can be compared to that of Metro Manila when it comes to congestion. The hotel provides the perfect getaway form the noise, pollution, and overall fast paced lifestyle of Naga. It allows you to wake up to chirping birds, instead of tricycles, smell fresh air. It gives you a place to slow down.

Some of the facilities that the hotel has can also entertain friends and family. The allegro Entertainment room was designed with acoustics in mind. It’s a small meeting area that has a built in KTV which can be rented out by up to 10 guests.

The pool, being semi covered, give you a glimpse of Mount Isarog (should the weather permit), with the sounds of the trees as your background music.

The garden gives you a great escape from it all. Imagine sitting under a tree, reading your favorite book, while sipping your favorite tea, or coffee, and nibling on the snacks that the hotel has prepared.

Want to get a little sweat in? The hotel’s location is perfect for runners for a number of reasons. It’s inside a subdivision, it’s secure, and it has fresh air to name a few. Why settle for a treadmill when we’ve got jogging paths for you?

There are also other establishments nearby that are 10 to 20 minutes away, such as the Panicuason Hot Springs, and CWC, the country’s largest wakeboarding park to name a few. Historical churches, and beautiful beaches also surround the Hotel on all directions.

If what you’re looking for is a quiet, fresh, and peaceful surrounding, we definitely encourage you to check the hotel.

We’re located in Brgy. Pacol, Naga City, just a few minutes away for the busy Naga City center.


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