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Primus Hotel & Resort, your one-of-a-kind hotel experience in Naga City.

Best Hotels in Naga City. Now that’s a subjective statement. Naga City offers a lot of options for your accommodation needs, from different budgets, locations, and amenities you will find what you need with just a little search.

What makes Primus Hotel stand out?

Well, we’re glad you asked. There are two principles that we stand by – Quality of service and quality of experience

Quality of service

Quality of service for us is two folds, A. The human experience that we provide, and B. The quality of the products that we produce.

Human Experience – Our commitment is to have a warm environment in the hotel and that starts with our staff. We treat our staff as family, and we make sure that it trickles down to our guests.

Product Experience – At the heart and soul of our principles is the amount of time and effort we put into developing our products. From pastries to steaks, seafood, pasta, and your local Filipino favorites, we do our best to make sure that everything that comes out of our kitchen is meticulously checked to ensure cleanliness and the correct flavor. Our products also stem from our facilities. Ensuring cleanliness, and constant improvement to make your Primus Hotel stay in Naga City, one to remember.

With these two combined, can we say that we are the Best Hotel in Naga City? Within our organization, it’s easy to say yes. But then again, this is very subjective, and the only way we can confirm this is when YOU experience your Primus Hotel stay.

Whatever the need is for your Hotel stay in Naga, we’re confident that you will enjoy every moment with us.

Stay in Primus Hotel & Resort and see first-hand, what the Primus Experience, is all about.


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