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Things to do in Naga

*This page will be updated regularly.
Things to do in Naga City (Our Recommendations)

Check-in to Primus Hotel & Resort
Yes, the first thing we recommend to do when in Naga, is to book your stay at Primus Hotel. Actually, you guys should book in advance as unlike other hotels, we have limited rooms. One of the many things Primus Hotel can offer is it’s exclusivity. It is situated at 10km away from the city center, it’s inside a private subdivision, but it’s conveniently located within minutes of the things you need, and would like to do. It has a back door access that leads you to the Pili boundary, and one that leads to the city center. The 10km distance sounds long, but it only takes about 10-15 minutes. Enough to relax before heading out to the crowded city. Eat, sleep swim, or relax, Primus Hotel has everything you need.

2. Airsoft at the Arena
We could be wrong, but Primus Hotel is the only Hotel in Naga that offers activities such as airsoft, darts, and arcade machine all in one. What better way to spend your well deserved rest day. Have fun as a bunch as you play against one another in our airsoft arena. Go one on one or as pairs with our dart board. And if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, we have ang arcade machine filled with your favorite retro games. Whether you’re looking for an activity filled celebration, or just hanging out with friends, the Arena has very unique offerings that only Primus Hotel can deliver.

Additionally, when you book the arena, it is exclusive to your group. There’s privacy and safety. Message us on Facebook to reserve your slots today! Here’s our Facebook link for faster access. Facebook Page – The Arena.

the Arena rates and PACKAGES

3. Nearby Beaches
Although the city in itself isn’t known for having beaches, there are a lot of nearby towns that offer beautiful white sand, and clear blue waters. One of which is Siruma. Siruma is home to a number of resorts that have beach fronts with powdery white sand, and an almost untouched shoreline with a few nipa huts installed.

One of the local favorites there is called “Kyudkad, the Last Resort”, you can check their FB page. It lets its guests experience an unfiltered outdoor living environment. It’s also conveniently located just a few meters away from the beach. The resort sits on top of the hill. Fair warning though, make sure you have tall vehicles, preferably 4×4 to traverse its roads. The roads in and of itself is already an introduction to the bare outdoor experience you will encounter.

Probably one of the more popular destination is the Caramoan Islands. Consider it as Bicol’s very own Coron or Elnido. It’s littered with tens of untouched, virgin islands. You can explore Lagoons, or swim with butandings (Whale Sharks). You can go snorkeling to view magnificent reefs, or lay in the white sand of the beaches around you. It’s best to contact a reputable travel agency or hotel to fix the island hopping schedule for you.

The view and the waters of Siruma

4. Historical and Sight Seeing destinations
Naga City is known for its churches, while Legazpi City Albay, is known for Mt. Mayon. The Volcano which is considered to be a perfect cone. Between the two cities, there are a lot of places you can visit. The Peñafrancia Church in Naga, and the Basilica to name a few.

When you get to the Albay area, you’ll be greeted by the beautiful Mt. Mayon. Hoping that it’s not cloudy, it is incredibly breathtaking and beautiful. You can also visit the Cagsawa Ruins, which has a tragic story of being submerged in lahar and tephra. Originialy built in 1598, you can still see in some of the structures, the old architectural design. Legazpi City, including Cagsawa, is roughly only 2-3 hours away from Naga. Think of it as less than your daily commute when you’re in Manila. But the travel is worth it.

Photo of Mayon Volcano, and Cagsawa Ruins

5. Fun Activities
There’s plenty of activities or things to do in Naga. If you’re into sports, you can head to CWC (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex), where you ride one of Asia’s biggest wakeboarding courses. Fancy a round of golf? They have that in CWC too. What about skateboarding? Well, they have a park for that inside the complex.

Further down south in Legazpi, Albay, you can also rent out ATV’s that take you through the base of Mayon Volcano. From small river crossings, to steep incline and decline in the terrain, you’ll enjoy both the wonders of mother nature, and human engineering (the ATV). ATV rides are best with family and friends.

There’s also a deer farm near Primus Hotel. It’s about a couple of hours away located in Ocampo Camarines Sur. If you wanna take out the family for that “close to nature” trip, and on top of that, a scenic drive, you should give the deer farm a visit.

Fun Activities Near Naga City

6.Food, Food, and more food.
Although we’d love for you to stay at the hotel, we can’t let you miss out on experiencing the different flavors available to you. Kinalas is a home grown dish from Bicol, and it was recently ranked as one of the worst food in the world by Taste Atlas. To each his own I guess, but none the less, we still recommend you try the kinalas when in Naga. There are a number of carenderias that offer this and one very near Primus Hotel. Less than 1km, I would presume. In any case, we don’t take Taste Atlas review negatively. We understand that it’s a subjective opinion made by a group of people. Like the many pinoy delicacies like balut, and betamax, it’s simply not for everyone. It is however, worth a try. Just one of the many things to do in Naga CIty.


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