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Countdown to 2023, New Year’s Eve Party at Primus Hotel Naga City

As only Primus Hotel can, we prepped a special night for the people of Naga City, as we eagerly awaited the coming of 2023.

The rooms were fully booked, and the venue packed… We had an entertaining night keeping everyone busy as we partied the night with DJ Haze, the Elevation, and hosted by the JV Belmonte. Of course the star of the show was the fireworks display which was set up, and prepped a day before the event to make sure the fireworks worked smoothly.

We’ve included a video below of the highlights of the night… We have to say, there was a bit of everything. There was family, friends, party, and just an overall upbeat vibe to the night.

The weather cooperated, showing early signs of clear skies, with bright stars. Although we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little bit concerned, specially the days leading up to the event, of how the weather would be. In the end, it was simply majestic. We actually prepared a 2nd venue, indoor at that, in the event that it rained. Because let’s be honest, Naga City, and brgy. Pacol to be more specific, is susceptible to rain… an understatement we know, but that’s why we had the whole hotel ready just in case. The temp was cool, the stars shined bright, and as we counted 3 – 2 – 1, it was as if all the problems have gone away. It felt as if 2023 was a fresh start.

We’ve collected a few photos, and prepared a short video for you guys to enjoy. We’re planning to make this year’s New Year’s Eve Party even bigger. So watch out. We hope to see you again as we #LightUpTheSky for another New Year’s Eve Party.

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